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Hopefully we've made this website as easy to use as possible, but with the best will in the world occasionally somebody might have some difficulty. Here are a few common ones, together with their solutions, for you to try before contacting us:

I've got the online subscription, but I've not received any emails

  • Has your subscription run out? Check how much longer it has to run on the your details page.
  • Have we got your current email address in the system? Have you changed it and forgotten to tell us?! Check it on the your details page.
  • Is your email provider or program routing the weekly email we send to you when the new issue is online into the spam folder? Check your email program or webmail.

I've forgotten my password

  • Simply type in your email address into the box above, tick the lost it box, and click login without entering a password, and a temporary password will be instantly emailed to you automatically. If you've not received the email after about 10 minutes, check your email program or webmail's spam folder.

The temporary password you emailed me doesn't work

  • Have you gone in and changed it since it was emailed to you?
  • Are you reading it from your email and typing it in to this page? It's a common error for people to put in extra spaces, or capitalise letters which shouldn't be capitalised. And there really isn't any special trick to getting the little dot above the i! It's better to simply copy and paste it from the email you received.
  • If you're copying and pasting from the email, are you sure you've got the whole password and not clipped the beginning or ending of it?
  • Have you asked for a temporary password several times, on several days? Make sure you're trying the most recent one.

I still can't login

  • As above, are you trying the correct email address we have for you?
  • Do you have cookies enabled on your browser ? According to our simple test on this page, you indeed don't have them enabled, which is where the problem comes from. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer as your web browser, go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy, & slide the settings to Medium, & click OK; for other browsers consult your help file for details, or google's handy guide. Contrary to popular myth, cookies are not sinister ways of websites stealing your personal information from your hard drive, & without them you will find it difficult to use many perfectly legitimate sites.
  • Have you changed anything about your computer or your internet settings since your last successful login?

I've logged in OK, but when I try opening the .pdf all I get is a blank screen

  • Have you allowed enough time for the .pdf to download? Some weeks it is significantly larger than other weeks, so may take longer to download than you're expecting - especially on dialup over the phone. Even high speed internet connexions sometimes experience glitches!
  • Have you got a reasonably recent version of Acrobat Reader installed? Anything after V6 should be OK.
  • Are there any security settings with your browser which might need altering?
  • As above, have you changed anything about your computer or your internet settings since your last successful login?

The page I've come to has given me a vbscript / .asp error

  • Oops - that one really is our fault! If you could copy and paste the error message, together with the full address of the page it happenned on (from the address bar at the top of your browser) and information about any data you might have been trying to enter into a form into the website technical support section on the contact us page, we'd be most grateful.

It doesn't work so well in my screen-reading software

  • We are committed to making this website as accessible as possible to all sections of the community. If it isn't working so well with your assistive technology, please let us know in the website technical support section of the contact us page and we'll see what we can do.

Why have you done the website in tables and XHTML? Don't you know HTML 4.01 (Strict) and CSS is how it should be done these days?

  • When this website was originally produced in 2003, XHTML was considered the industry standard, and using CSS for layout, although recommended, was still too unreliable for a significant number of browser programs. We do know things have moved on since, and we do hope to produce a new, fully accessible site built using fully standards-compliant HTML 4.01 (Strict) and CSS 2 as soon as we can.

I'm using Netscape 2 / Internet Explorer 4 / Any Other Very Old Browser - why haven't you designed the site to look the same in these as in modern browsers?

  • It did indeed used to be the case that industry guidelines advised web developers to try to make websites look the same in all versions of all browsers. However, for the last few years the guidance from the World Wide Web Consortium urges all developers to instead code to modern, accessible, standards-compliant HTML, rather than trying to accomodate old, buggy versions of web browser software which should have been upgraded long ago.

If you are still having difficulty, then please do feel free to contact us giving as much information as possible - the email address you are using, the page you are having the difficulty on, a copy & paste of any text which appears on the page which is failing, & details of what browser & computer operating system you are using.