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02 October 2009

We are working on a new international edition for the website. This will make the most of the extra space and international accessibility of the website, while still maintaining the high standards of the paper edition and we are planning to publish up to five articles each week. The international edition will also be a resource for the paper edition to select from.

What we're looking for:

Features (600 words*):
Features in the international edition will focus on two very broad themes: faith and witness.

Faith articles will draw upon the buildup to the FWCC Triennial in August 2006 to provide a space for international dialogue about Quaker practices in different countries. They aim to convey, with positive declarations of faith, how the Spirit is moving around the Quaker world.

Some of the features we would like to see are:

  • Finding prophetic voices - responses to the Triennial Study booklet
  • Witness articles will be about practical action being taken by Quakers around the world.
  • Endeavours to Mend - outlines of projects and general work in different countries: FAQs
  • Global concerns
We also want to use the space on the website to bring you as much news of Friends as we get. So please send us your news, whether as reports, quick updates or links to websites. It is always worth letting us know about what's happening where you are even if you din't have time to write a report yourself - we have a small band of enthusiastic correspondents who might be able to follow it up or we can just add it to our newsfeed.

What other ideas do you have? What would you like to see in the edition? Can you send this email to other Friends who might like to write? Can you tell us about Quaker blogs where people are writing about their faith?
We're planning to launch this edition in the New Year, so feel free to take your time over ideas and get in touch to discuss anything.

Why put a word limit on web articles?
Firstly it's because there is a limit to what people can comfortably read on screen and we think 600 words is a good length. Second, if we do use an article in the paper edition, it will be much easier if it already the right length!
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* We're not including Britain in our international index, though of course articles may have been written by Friends in Britain