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18 September 2009


From sea to the Oval Office - preview
HMS Resolute and how she prevented a war: from the Canadian Arctic to the President’s desk by Elizabeth Matthews
  • Auxilium ab Alto Press
  • ISBN 978 0 155203 96 3
  • £9
  • 99

  • Did you wonder why Barack Obama was taking his place in the Oval Office behind the ‘Resolute desk’? This novel of historical fiction provides the intriguing nineteenth century background
  • In 1852, HMS Resolute was sent to the Canadian Arctic by the British government to discover and perhaps rescue the Sir John Franklin expedition, which had disappeared during its search for a North West passage
  • In her turn, she was caught in the ice and abandoned
  • She was salvaged by an American whaler and brought back to Boston on Christmas Eve 1855
  • This tale is told in all its dramatic detail and the divergent characters are vividly portrayed
  • The whaling vessel was part-owned by a fictional abolitionist Quaker family whose Quaker ethos is well described, including a rebellious son who runs away to sea to join in the search and rescue

  • Libby Perkins

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