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01 May 2009


Climate Camp experience - preview
I’d like to respond to Judy Kirby’s comment (24 April) with some of my experience from the Climate Camp in the City
  • I saw indiscriminate violence used systematically with no legal justification and no prior warning used against peaceful protesters
  • This was widespread: it was fortunate that only one person died

  • The ‘few bad eggs’ argument does not stand up to scrutiny
  • In the footage where Ian Tomlinson is assaulted, there is no evidence that any of the other police officers turn to the officer that has just attacked Ian Tomlinson and say: ‘Whoa, calm down, that’s not needed,’ or even: ‘You just assaulted that man – I am arresting you’
  • There is a problem with the actions and the culture of these police officers

  • Sam Walton

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    Frances Laing, 17 September
    If I can just correct that blog address, it is an unusual spelling. It should be (with two nn's)

    Frances Laing, 17 September
    On this subject I would like to recommend Friends take the time to view some of the work of photographer and film-maker Jason Parkinson. See:

    There aren't many photographers or film makers who specialise in filming protest and dissent. Jason's work tells an important story - and reveals a great deal about the issues that urgently need to be addressed by the police force in Britain today.


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