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01 May 2009


Report shows that all is not well in multicultural Britain - preview
‘There is a widespread recognition that the idea of “multiculturalism” has become increasingly problematic

  • Our dream of a multicultural Britain is in trouble
  • Although always a contested policy, it has been the main thrust in community relations over forty years
  • But now pressures that were there at the start have asserted themselves and can no longer be ignored

  • This is the short conclusion of a report which will startle advocates of a culturally diverse UK
  • ‘Combining Diversity with Common Citizenship’ was researched by a local government officer in northern England for the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust
  • He has identified six major pressures on the old model, which have resulted in a loss of confidence among liberal people engaged in work to promote racial justice
  • These pressures are:

    Judy Kirby

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    chrissie hinde, 29 April
    It's great to see this issue being raised in The Friend. I feel strongly that as British Friends we are a long way from addressing the lack of diversity in our own Meeting Houses. I wholeheartedly agree that we need to have 'frank and honest dialogue, planned and set in ‘safe places for difficult conversations’'. I would hope that our Meetings can be safe places for such conversations, but first of all we need the motivation to have them. It seems that we are too quick to assume that our lack of diversity is no fault of our own, and the problems exist outside our own door.


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