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03 April 2009


Good Friday Meeting for Worship? - preview
Laurie Andrews (27 March) enquired about Meeting for Worship on the date known by certain Christian denominations as ‘Good Friday’, citing this as ‘the most solemn day in the Christian calendar’
  • By implication, if Good Friday is ‘the most solemn day’, other days are less solemn
  • If some days are more holy, other days are less holy

  • How can we believe that every day is sacred and yet also observe Easter and Christmas as being more sacred? To misquote George Orwell, are ‘all days equal, but some days more equal than others? Why should we perform any special act just because it is the first Friday before the first Sunday after the first full moon after the spring equinox? Furthermore, if we have certain days set aside as holy days, why not have certain people set aside as holy people or certain places set aside as holy places? I believe that Friends’ testimony against times and seasons is a natural extension of the rejection of ritual and outward sacraments as a means of worship and that holding ‘special’ Meetings for Worship just because of the date turns Meeting for Worship into a ritualistic act

  • Matthew Gee

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