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27 March 2009

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Spirit Level
Keen readers of The Guardian and listeners to BBC Radio 4 will have heard of Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett’s book The Spirit Level: why more equal societies almost always do better, published this month
  • (See also the Friend of 6 March)
  • The book’s message is that economic inequality is very harmful – damaging our health and our trust in one another, while increasing stress, violence, crime, over-consumption, obesity and almost every social ill
  • Britain comes out of international comparisons very badly, as one of the least equal and unhealthiest countries in the rich world
  • The exciting thing the research shows is that we can make things better – and how
  • Of course Quakers know about equality – one of the testimonies at the core of how we think of one another, how we worship and how we live our lives
  • What the book does is back up that inspirational and religious understanding with the findings of decades of epidemiological research
  • Once we understand that, there are huge implications for our national politics and our own personal lives
  • We need Friends’ ideas about how we can respond and Friends’ support in making Britain a happier, healthier and safer society
  • Martin Wilkinson, Richard’s brother and formerly Quaker Peace & Social Witness Africa person, would like to visit Quaker meetings, bringing a DVD presentation of the research, and hoping to engage Friends in a lively exchange of ideas about these new insights

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