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30 January 2009


Letters - preview
Death row
I know that Friends will be concerned to hear that my penfriend of ten years on Texas death row was executed on Wednesday 14 January
  • Curtis Moore and I corresponded over the years and built up a very good and interesting relationship
  • He survived two execution dates back in 2001 and 2004, when I set up a petition online, asking the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to grant him stay, which they did and which was wonderful news

  • In the mean time, he has gone through another change of attorney, who assured me that he would do his utmost to get Curtis life without parole
  • Although that sounds equally horrendous, Curtis was prepared to have that rather than death
  • Sadly last November, I received the news that Curtis had a ‘date’ for execution on Wednesday 14 January, and this was duly carried out
  • As Curtis had exhausted all his appeals they were unlikely to grant a stay this time
  • This morning, I have received a pretty card postmarked 14 January from Curtis, thanking me for all my help and love over the years


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