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23 January 2009


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Putting our money where our hearts are
My Local Meeting made a rather canny decision this month
  • We were choosing what to do with our modest pot of money which, once a year, is given to the soup kitchens, refugee centres and charities with which we have affinity
  • Someone in the Meeting said: ‘Our own work is suffering and only Quakers will give to that’

  • It was a fair point
  • Although not known to be numerate, I made a simple back-of-the-envelope calculation
  • If Britain Yearly Meeting (BYM) tries to raise £2m each year, then the approximately 15,000 members would need to fork out £133 a year (though Gift Aid would make it go further)
  • Of course, most Friends won’t be parting with anything like that sum, even though some may exceed it, and there is no ‘party line’ to enforce it
  • I know from worrying about the Friend subscriptions that amounts over £30 cause people to think hard, particularly in these times

  • Judy Kirby and Chuck Fager

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