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12 December 2008


An interview with Juan - preview
Cuban history formed Juan, formed his art
  • Like so many immigrants, vivid memories of their arrival in the new country are passed on: the religious grandmother from the Canary Islands who ensured his middle name was Teodolu, the Greek saint whose name day coincided with Juan’s birthday
  • The Galician grandfather who arrived at the end of the nineteenth century, part of an effort in Spain to bring in more white people, said Juan: the authorities were afraid of revolts, of the increase in the black population following the recent liberation of slaves
  • They settled a major tobacco growing area, strong in trade unions, fighters for the emancipation of all, for Cuban independence, but very aware of the power that the USA had over this island only ninety miles from Florida
  • In 1952 there was the Batista coup – a government anti-art, anti-modern, uncultured – and when Juan got a scholarship to the Escuela Provincial de Arte, his maintenance grant was never paid until Castro’s revolution when the revolutionary government improved buildings, supplied materials and enabled young artists to engage with foreign art through things as basic as subscriptions to art journals

  • Anne Hosking

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