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24 October 2008

National Quaker Week extra

Quakers in the media - A post-National Quaker Week report by Jez Smith

Jez Smith guides you through post-National Quaker Week mentions of Quakers.

Jez Smith guides you through post-National Quaker Week mentions of Quakers.
In the follow up to National Quaker Week, I’m taking a look at how Quakers are making their presence known through online media and other internet sources. But not what we got into the media before or during the Week (or nine days to be precise): instead I’m concentrating on how we did with follow up.

As we see in the letters page of the Friend this week, a Hampstead Quaker is concerned that National Quaker Week became Local Quaker Week. But, according to the Newspaper Society, 40 million people a week are reached through local print, online and broadcast media.

So, lets look at how local Quakers are using local media. First up, Evesham Quakers got into the Evesham Journal for an event they’re hosting about three local charities (not Quaker ones). ‘Quakers spokesman Gordon Matthews said: “Whilst all charities are entirely independent, Evesham Quakers is keen to support them with time and energy as well as with money from our collections on a Sunday morning,”’ they report.

It is one thing to get a press release out and have the media pick it up and quite another to get them to come and report on an event. So next up is the Richmond and Twickenham Times which has the article Chiswick human rights worker talks for National Quaker Week covering an event by Brentford & Isleworth Quakers. A local participant from the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) gave a talk which was positively covered in the article.

Of the incidental references in the last couple of weeks, the Quakers were listed as one of the Christian churches involved with helping asylum seekers, in an article in the New Statesman.

My favourite non-Quakers Quaker reference comes from a report in Vital Football, a fan-based website, about the Darlington football team, nickname the Quakers: ‘Quakers are due to face the Shakers at the Arena during the week starting the 3rd of November’, they wrote. The Shakers are, of course, Huddersfield Town.

Jez Smith


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