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12 September 2008

The battle with the bulldozers - preview

Rolfe Evans provides his testimony of the destruction of Palestinian homes by the Israeli authorities

I knew today was not going to go as scheduled
  • It was shortly before 11am when I looked up from my work and noticed the border patrol jeeps slowly turning off a main road onto a dirt road that eventually passed about 400 metres below our building site

  • We are not sure whether they are heading for us

  • We hustle up seven flights to the top floor of a building across the road from the site so we can see what’s happening from there
  • Then it becomes clear: the house slated for demolition is a different one, a tiny house just down the road
  • There are vans and jeeps pulled up on the dirt track across the little valley; near the bottom more vehicles have pulled up near the tiny house; soldiers and guys in green vests – and one orange vest – moving around outside the house

  • Rolfe Evans

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