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25 July 2008


Facing down the Obama-crunch - preview

Continuing his travels in the US, Oliver Robertson hears that one of the challenges to fundraising organisations is coming from an unexpected source

Just try to travel around the USA, particularly outside its major cities, and you will soon realise that it will take an extended effort to separate the country from its automobiles
  • The sheer size of the country, and because so much of it is designed with driving in mind, makes this a nation intimately wedded to the car

  • Even in towns, everything is spaced out and separate
  • Driving around Fayetteville, the North Carolina town that hosts the Fort Bragg US army base, you see buildings separated by patches of greenery, unkempt parking lots or weed-filled waste ground
  • Large parts of the town, particularly poorer areas, have no pavements, so you step outside your door directly onto the road
  • As you approach the base, three types of establishment become ever more common: tattoo parlours, pawnshops and stripper shows

  • Oliver Robertson

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    Facing down the Obama-crunch
    Oliver Robertson
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