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04 July 2008


Letters - preview
Same sex marriage
I really appreciated Pamala McDougall's comment (27 June)
  • I would love to discuss the issues with her further as I guess I haven't really yet thought them through
  • She says she's delighted that same sex couples can enter into civil partnerships but that marriage, in her view, is only for a man and a woman
  • How do you make a distinction between the two? I'm interested
  • Is one 'holier', more sacramental? (I'm aware marriage too can just be a civil ceremony
  • ) I'm interested in that one feels okay for you and the other not
  • The word 'marriage' does seem to carry a lot of 'charge', though I can't quite define what it is
  • It's more 'serious', is it? I guess I haven't really tackled this issue as the whole marriage thing has never grabbed me anyway
  • But if people want to be married, then I guess I'd be guided by them
  • And thanks again for sharing your views so kindly


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