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28 September 2007


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The trouble with God
Proclaiming Advices & Queries 8 on the cover on the otherwise excellent and enticing colour edition of The Friend (21 September) was, I think, a mistake
  • The term 'God' is now used by Friends with caution, I find, as was the case throughout the remainder of the edition, which rightly contained only a handful of such references
  • Of course, in saying 'rightly' I reveal my own position, but I think it's not an unusual one among Friends today

  • But Advice and Query 8 uses the term in a very clear and definite way – God's presence, God's love – as if there were among Friends an unambiguous agreed meaning
  • The phrase 'A Way to God' which opens the new general enquirers' pamphlet conveys a similarly misleading specificity
  • Enquirers must write and say what they think, but I would guess that mostly they're not looking for 'God', and can't imagine a 'way to', or the 'love of', any such imprecise concept


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    Roger Gillett, 08 October
    After reading the correspondence in the Friend this week I was interested to see what Roger Woodley had written in the 28 Sept issue which had been lost in the post and not yet replaced.
    Metford Robinson's letter generously led me to think tht he was expressing my views in drawing attention to the wonderful wisdon in the Advices & Queries. Gordon Matthews drew attention to some of the attributes that I think of when I use 'God' as a shorthand.Diana & John Lampen had wise comments on the term's anbiguity. And alan summed it all as a reaction to the issue of 21 Sept.
    When I came to Ingrid Greenhow and her reaction to an article in the local paper I had to aggree that we need more confidence in our responses to inquirers in expressing our understanding of our view of God and Christianity.


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