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09 February 2007


Prometheus awakes? - preview

Stephen Cox looks at the use of chimeras in stem cell research

Two teams of researchers want to create 'chimeras'; embryos made from human skin cells, placed in an animal egg cell, and then tricked into dividing

  • Chimeras would be almost all human, their ordinary chromosome DNA would be human
  • But some of their mitochondrial DNA – DNA outside the chromosomes – might be animal

  • There is no proposal to try to make these cells grow into people (and such an attempt would be illegal in Britain
  • ) This is being done as a way to produce 'stem cells', usually derived from embryos left over from IVF
  • Stem cells have the potential to turn into every other sort of cell
  • As such they have been widely touted as possible cures for a wide range of serious diseases, everything from heart attacks and strokes, through to diabetes, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's
  • While stem cells are found in different parts of the body, many scientists believe only those derived from embryos will be sufficiently versatile

  • Stephen Cox, Westminster Monthly Meeting

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