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02 February 2007

Country of the Week: South Korea
Quakers in the Republic of Korea worship at Seoul MM in the unprogrammed tradition. FWCC records 12 Friends altogether, though Seoul is a lively Meeting that welcomes visitors. Scroll down Seoul's website for many more links.

South Korea recently welcomed a prime minister, Han Myung-sook, who is not only the first woman to take the role, but is also an attender at Seoul MM. Kim Sung-soo (Stephen, also a member of Hardshaw East MM) wrote about her for The Friend.

Another well known Korean Quaker is Ham Sok-Hon (who Kim Sung-soo has also written about), described as one of Asia's most important nonviolent activists in the 20th century.

We are very grateful to Kim Sung-Soo and the Australian Friend for making three articles available for this special edition, giving a fascinating insight into Korea's past:

Quakers enter Korea (1953)
509 messages from Friends in Korea (1973)
Comments on Friends' activities in the Republic of Korea (1960)

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International Edition: Letter from Iran
Emily Johns
Country of the Week: South Korea

News round-up
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Simon Risley
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Stevie Krayer
Quaker mysticism: a bridge to Islam
Reg Naulty
Whittier at 200
Simon Webb
Putting testimony to the test
Alec Davison
International Edition: Quakers enter Korea (1953)
George W Whiteman
International Edition: 509 messages from Friends in Korea (1973)

International Edition: Comments on Friends' activities in the Republic of Korea (1960)
Arthur [Red] Mitchell

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