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26 January 2007


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Faith in our lives
I have read with interest Janette Denley's contribution of 'Faith in our lives' (12 January) and have empathy with it

  • Like Janette Denley I too have lifelong membership of the Religious Society of Friends but unlike her I am still in membership, although for over two years I have not been a member of a PM, having moved to the unattached list held by my MM

  • For the last two years, with others in a similar position, we have visited most Meetings in our MM and this has given opportunity to meet and worship with a much larger group of Friends and we received warm welcomes
  • Many of the Meetings are small and have a high average age with very few if any children attending
  • We have experienced many styles of worship, including ministry, and listened to various beliefs
  • We have heard many Friends express the thoughts of Janette, even to saying that if they were thinking of applying for membership of the Religious Society of Friends now they wouldn't proceed with an application


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    John C de V Roberts, 31 January
    Earlier this month the Prime Minister made a much-touted speech on world affairs. This Tony Blair, who began his reign promisng to put the UK "at the heart of Europe" failed to mention
    the European Union or Europe in any meaningful way. He also in his survey of what should be done avoided all mention of law, perhaps not surprising in a politician who led his country into an illegal war.

    However, it seems to me that disussion in the letter columns of The Friend about the use of force or violence in international affairs are equally liable to omit consideration of law. And in the last issue of "Around Europe" from the Quaker Council for European Affairs, an interesting and thoughtful article on Iraq by Matthew Taylor also managed to avoid all consideration of international law. Not good enough, perhaps.


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