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05 January 2007

International Edition: Researching Quaker ancestors
The Quaker Family History Society (QFHS) continues to make its contribution to the recent surge of interest in genealogy. Ted Milligan's booklet entitled My Ancestors were Quakers was, and remains to this day, a wonderful springboard for those wishing to learn more about their Quaker ancestors.

The QFHS actively seeks to bring researchers together through its lively magazine, Quaker Connections and has a growing membership of over 230 around the world. A small but energetic band of volunteers are busy transferring the data contained in the Quaker Births, Marriages and Burials Digests onto computer and have already published several of the Home Counties records as CDs.

Although Quaker records are rightly considered to be among the best historical records available there remain some puzzling gaps in the records held at Friends House Library and in the County Records Offices around the country. It is clear that some registers and minute books remain effectively lost to researchers and it would be wonderful to discover their whereabouts. Does your Meeting or members know of such treasures, I wonder?

QFHS has recently established a dedicated rootsweb list to act as a forum for sharing researches and seeking help on the internet. Subscribe (free) to if you wish to follow what is under discussion at the moment. More detail is contained in the QFHS website.

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Michael Hargreave


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International Edition: Researching Quaker ancestors
Michael Hargreave
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Diana & John Lampen
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