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25 August 2006


View from Jerusalem - preview

Can we in Israel really believe this ceasefire will hold?

The following report, giving an Israeli perspective on the recent clashes with Hezbollah, was sent from Haifa by Judy Admon, a Jewish friend of Tina Leonard, Notts & Derby MM – who in turn has sent it to The Friend

  • My family from Tivon, near Haifa, spent the first few weeks with us and then decided to brave it at home, however, they left their dog with us as she was a nervous wreck from the sirens
  • One of the women I sing with in choir lost her son on Friday – almost at the end of this bloody war
  • He was twenty years old
  • One never gets over a loss like that
  • I used to believe that if we are good enough, clever enough, considerate enough, we will be able to obtain peace
  • I no longer have this hope
  • I believe that there is an irrational, powerful, bloodthirsty enemy out there who wants to destroy Israel

  • Judy Admon

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    Jennifer Bell, 01 September
    I read Judy Admon's piece in The Friend (25th. August) with a growing
    sense of recognition and empathy. I too believe there is "out there" an
    irrational powerful bloodthirsty enemy who wishes to destroy, in this
    case Palestine and the Palestinian people.

    One of our friends at Meeting this week spoke about a friend from Gaza
    who has recently lost a young relative, shot outside her house. I agree
    one never gets over a loss like that.

    Like Arafat, Ariel Sharon spoke with a "forked tongue" over the years,
    preaching peace while Israel took more land, occupying land and
    establishing settlements in a brutal fashion with the result of which
    young men become radicalised as their economy crumbled.
    The Jihad (struggle) continues against the occupation and the wall and
    Israel wonders why there is so much hatred.

    History tells us that "freedom fighters" founded Israel and members of
    the Israeli government are proud to be lauded for battles won. Why
    should Hamas and Hezbollah then be called "terrorists" when they are
    fighting to regain what they have lost?

    Both sides kill and each child, Arab or Jew, is equally precious.
    No sane person can agree that more killing is the way to settle this
    argument. We depend on a political process which could be started
    tomorrow given the will to do it. The is at present
    asking for everyone who longs for a just peace between Israel and the
    Occupied Territories to contact the website
    and write to our world leaders urging them to resume the peace process
    in the Middle East a root cause of continued violence there.
    If they want to end their suffering both sides have to put aside their
    weapons and start using their intelligence.


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