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11 August 2006


Middle East reactions - preview

Photos: London demonstration, by Phil McCowen; cutting a fence, by Trident Ploughares

Photos: London demonstration, by Phil McCowen; cutting a fence, by Trident Ploughares
Women protest for peace
The Coalition of Women for Peace in Israel has been a major part of the Israeli peace movement and they have been sending reports to Friends in the UK
  • Following the raid on Qana, Lebanon, over 100 people turned up for a vigil in Jerusalem
  • This inspired a surge of anger, protest and mourning with vigils erupting throughout Israel

  • On 29 July, a mass march of 'Women against the war' was held in Tel Aviv with 17 women's organizations participating
  • An estimated 3000 men and women, dressed in black to symbolize mourning for the victims on both sides marched through the area receiving no media attention from Israeli tabloids, but did get coverage from Ha'aretz and NRG and making front page news in the Arabic press
  • This was viewed by the organization as 'an important action in a society in which the voices of women are always marginalized and entirely erased during times of war
  • '

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    Ken Veitch, 14 August
    On tonight' s news (10 Aug) following the aircraft security alert, the Deputy Metropolitan Police Commissioner spoke of ' a plot to commit mass murder on an unprecedented scale'.

    But have not such plots already been carried out by the carpet-bombing of Afghanistan,
    the sacking of the Iraqi city of Fallujah, and the still-ongoing bombing of Beirut ? When will the ' civilised ' powers realise how futile it is to try imposing their will by a brute force which of its nature sows the seeds of bitter resentment and an inevitable
    response of violence in the future ?

    I think our government's complicity in the abovementioned atrocities has not only destroyed our moral standing internationally, but also made attacks against us more likely. Tony Blair's support for the expansionist agenda of the Bush regime has been a disaster for his party, the country and the world.


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