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15 September 2006


'I was sick, and you visited me' - preview
Kaimosi Friends Hospital

We flew in over the silver waters of Lake Victoria to land in Kisumu, Kenya
  • As we left the plane we saw two men waving vigorously at us
  • They were Gabriel Wabuti, the administrator of Kaimosi Friends Hospital, and James Grace Friends United Meeting (FUM) representative who had kindly supplied his car to take us up the escarpment to Kaimosi

  • The Kaimosi Friends Mission and hospital occupy about 1000 acres of land near Kakamega forest, and were started by American Friends in 1902 to separate two warring tribes, the Kalenjin and the Luhya
  • Apart from the hospital there are two secondary schools, a boarding Primary School and a special school, a Teacher Training College, a Technical College, a Rural Training Unit and a Theological College
  • There are an estimated 7,000 people involved in these projects with a further 80,000 people in the catchment area of the hospital

  • Theresa Watts

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    'I was sick, and you visited me'
    Theresa Watts

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