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12 May 2006

Lost and found - preview

very short story competition

It is a chilly first day of April in 1854
  • I am sitting on the kitchen settle feebly rocking the cradle and wondering if the new baby misses his twin, who died at birth

  • Jude walked quietly in
  • He looked overjoyed as he dropped two newborn lambs into my lap
  • He meant to please me, but was he forgetting our loss so soon? I dropped the warm, quivering creatures into the cradle beside the sleeping infant

  • These are the first lambs on the farm this year, and I can see Jude is proud of them
  • Twins are rare
  • 'Tis a shame they are both ram lambs', he said as he returned them to the pockets of his smock, 'but they'll increase the flock
  • Thee could call them Jacob and Esau, not that they are spotted
  • I'll get them back to the ewe
  • Father is helping her recover
  • She's had a hard time
  • ' Me too, I thought
  • Shall I ever recover from all that's happened to me since I wed Jude a year since?

    by Ruth Camm, Settle Monthly Meeting

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