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12 May 2006

Britain Yearly Meeting

Meeting for Sufferings round-up - preview
Civil Partnerships? Or same-sex marriages?
Although the government has pushed through the legislation for Civil Partnerships with remarkable speed, should Friends go the extra mile and seek to have such relationships solemnised within a Meeting for Worship – in effect, marriage? This was the problem that faced Friends early on in Meeting for Sufferings
  • Not surprisingly, it engendered much discussion
  • The original Minute sent by Pontefract MM read in part as follows

  • 'After long consideration, in view of our Testimony to Equality and recognising difficulties over the word “marriage”, we believe that any partnership based upon love in the sight of God, should be supported and therefore joined in a Meeting for Worship
  • '

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    Dave Feickert, 11 May
    Re the report at MfS on the Revised draft document for BYM and the template, the most important issue we discussed was the accountability of the Trustee bodies at national and MM levels. The template said Trustees would refer major decisions to MM's. There is no mention of that type of accountability of the proposed national Trustee body, reporting to MfS for major decisions. The text only refers to MfS being informed. John Phillips clarified this, saying that he thought major decisions should be referred at both levels to the representative bodies. MfS is THE STANDING REPRESENTATIVE BODY OF FRIENDS. It does not need to have its time taken up with a lot of administrative decision-making but it is the body, during BYM's which must take major decisions in the light of the spirit.

    Dave Feickert


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