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01 September 2006


Quakers from 15 countries meet in Scotland - preview
Over the Easter weekend, 35 Friends gathered in Dunblane for the Annual Meeting of the Europe and Middle East Section of Friends World Committee for Consultation
  • Please don't be put off by the long name for this group, which felt to those present to be a real spiritual community

  • Friends representing Britain Yearly Meeting joined others from France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Hungary, Russia and Latvia
  • There are around thirty enthusiastic enquirers in Latvia and their newly Recognised Meeting was warmly welcomed at the Annual Meeting
  • Their representative recounted the history of Quaker contact with Latvia - which goes back to the 18th century - and she confirmed the importance of websites in the process of discovering and exploring Quakerism nowadays
  • The new group can use Quaker texts in Russian, but is engaged in translating into Latvian as well
  • They are encountering difficulties in conveying the qualities we hear in the word "Clerk", as its direct translation gives a false impression of command and control, like a Clerk of Works in English
  • They have decided to use a word which translates back as "helper"
  • Other European Friends echoed this experience, with "schrijver" (meaning writer or author) emerging as appropriate in Dutch

  • K Rachel Malloch

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    K Rachel Malloch, 07 September
    The opening sentences of my report on the Easter gathering of Quakers in Scotland have been merged to give the impression that 35 Friends from Britain took part. This is misleading. The total number present was 35, including the Friends from the other 14 countries. Britain Yearly Meeting has six representatives to Friends World Committee for Consultation, not all of whom could come to this meeting. Some British Friends attended in other capacities, such as local Friends welcoming the visitors, a Friend from Woodbrooke and staff from the world office of FWCC. As one of the six representatives, I am aware of my responsibility to Britain Yearly Meeting and grateful to Friends for entrusting part of this work to me. In funding our expenses to attend the Easter gatherings, Friends in Britain are enabling us to take part in "..quiet processes and small circles in which vital and transforming events take place" (Rufus Jones)


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    Quakers from 15 countries meet in Scotland
    K Rachel Malloch

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