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02 December 2005

q-eye takes to cyberspace!
Q-eye, our diary persona that cavorts about the Quaker world like a rather boisterous magpie, has now got its very own weblog!

We are currently testing this feature and all feedback is welcome

As well as all the irrelevance you've come to love (or not) in the q-eye page, we hope to bring you a bit closer to The Friend editorial team and F/friends by sharing some of the issues that we think you might be interested in a more informal setting. We also hope you will share your insights into the world, Quaker and wider.

Guidelines for contributors
We welcome all contributions to the Eye blog, especially:

    * Your own observations on the Quaker world
    * Links to Quaker websites
    * Articles that you want to draw attention to, that have caught your interest or you think we should feature in The Friend
    * Links to websites that you find useful, entertaining or spiritually rewarding

The easiest way to send your contribution is by email to Please note, if you send something to us and we don't use it on the blog quickly, we may be saving it for the magazine, which means it should appear online on the Thursday of publication. Please also note that we may edit or otherwise tamper with your contributions because that's what journalists enjoy doing.

If you would like to avoid such behaviour, you may consider applying by email to become part of the blogging team - all Friend readers are welcome.

Blogs are so popular now that Eye felt naked without one (plus there was not enough room in the magazine for all those sarcastic comments). They are online diaries and this new blog joins millions around the world. Blogs are very easily maintained and are an excellent way to start learning about simple HTML and keeping a website.

If you've been thinking about dipping your toe into the blogging water, this would be a great place to start. You will be able to see how an active blog works and as our blog is hosted by Blogspot it is simple to start your own as well.

As ever, comments and feedback on this new feature are welcome. Just don't be suprised if they turn up in Eye...


peter smith, 20 January

Did you see the piece in the Daily Telegraph about Mark Oaten the former candidate for the Lib Dem leadership? All about him being a new breakfast cereal really. Just as well the writer didn't realise Mark's dad is a Quaker otherwise no doubt we would have had Quaker Oatens all over the piece. Ivor - both Mark and I went to his wedding - still worships with Watford Quakers when he is in England: he lives now largely in Italy with his second wife.


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