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29 July 2005

Comments at Britain Yearly Meeting

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simon gray, website editor


tim sheldon, 09 August
dear friends,
As a member of this years under 19 core team i had a wonderful time at york univercity. the under 19s revitalised my belive that quakerism is the only religion for me.
I happened to walk into a meeting for worship being held by the recastaways (16-18s ) and it took me a second to realise that they were there at all, the atmosphier in that meeting was the most intence feeling that i have had in a meetinig for worship in a long time and it was an exquisite experiance to have.

However later in the week the over 19 portion of ym started to somewhat disallusion me about how quakers percive people, to explain this this is just one of the coments from an over 19 to me as i was walking across campus
"that is not a very quakerly way to dress is it" other friends refused to acknoledge that i was even there by not talking to me as i walked past them or alongside them and i got the distinct impression that if i had been on fire they would have crossed the road( to the other side rather than from the other side). all this because i was wearing "combat trousers" and not corderoy trousers and open toe sandles.
The same friends on the wednesday afternoon actually stoped me to talk to me and then the following day they ignored me again.
The reason for me wearing the "combats" was quite simple they are comfortable, practical and dont show grass stains, eg, on one sports session i had 30 under 19s in 2 of my pockets i had all their room keys, several mobile phones, smoking parafinalia and all their name badges and my stuff.the said friends should be old enough and wise enough to not judge a book by its cover, and be awear that what ever people wear they are still human under their clothes.

Peter Jones, 08 August
John Gravely has it spot on when he refers to the lack of space between ministry in meeting for worship last week.

I would have thought that giving ministry in a yearly meeting session would be a big deal, and that people would really test themselves much more than they would do at home. I felt very little of the ministry given was truly a message from God which was for the whole meeting.

Surely in a true meeting for worship where people are using proper discernment there would be the same amount of ministry for 2000 people gathered together as where there are 20 people gathered together?

Clare, 05 August
I hope someone writes something abut the Swarthmore Lecture here soon (we had a review of the book in the magazine). I for one thought it was excellent, very moving and inspiring. Despite being in the overflow room we got a real sense of the spirit in Helen's address and even after the end nobody wanted to speak. Both lectures I've seen now seem to be by Quakers who have let go of all their fears and really achieved what they want to, and Helen reminded us that you shouldn't be looking at others and wishing you were doing what they did, but following your own leadings. The CD says it much more elequently than I could - highly recommended!

simon gray, 01 August
could this be the biggest britain yearly meeting in session yet ever? with around 1500 registered as residents, plus in some cases coach loads of day visitors, with an overflow room being needed to cope with the numbers because the 1200 seat central hall is full, we could be beating the record set in aberystwyth previously!


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