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29 July 2005


Letters - preview
London bombings

Many Friends will be upholding those directly involved with the London shooting on 22 July at Stockwell
  • May we uphold also the coroner of the inquest into the death of the Brazilian – that this coroner will maintain her/his integrity in the face of pressure to return a politically correct verdict

  • Eyewitness evidence suggests that the victim was under police restraint when the fatal bullets were fired
  • If proved to be correct, this sounds like 'unlawful killing' and if it was so the perpetrators must be removed from firearms duties and their senior officers be held to account for the instructions and training given by them to their team members

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    Frank Boulton, 16 August
    I accept Stuart Hartley's rebuke; my letter could and should have been expressed more temperately and less pompously or arrogantly. However, I have to say that many different Friends at BYM, not all of whom knew me, expressed their appreciation of what I had said - often very enthusiastically - as they also could not understand the original article. I still think that clear writing indicates clear thinking, and that all too often the lack of the one is accompanied by the lack of the other. Friends should be more self critical, and that applies particularly to myself; so thank you Stuart.
    Frank Boulton

    Robert Steele, 29 July
    Dear Editor,

    I haven't seen the play 'Talking to Terrorists' that Donald Scott mentions in his letter but if there is to be any meaningful dialogue with terrorists then they too have to listen. But if terrorists were prepared to listen then they wouldn't be terrorists.

    Actions speak louder than words. What the perpetrators of the recent bombings are saying is:' My God says unbelievers are not worthy of consideration, I hate your elected Government's policy, I hate your corrupt, secular state, and, in accordance with God's will, I shall kill as many as I can to bring about His version of a better world'.

    I listen but sadly all I hear is the age old sound of violence.

    Stuart Hartley, 28 July
    Dear Editor,

    I was appalled to read Frank Boulton's letter 'Gobbledygook recognised,' (the Friend, 29th July 2005). It was a pedantic and unnecessary public criticism, distasteful, and totally lacking in humility or restraint. Such a display of intellectual and educational pride is contrary to what I would like to believe Quakerism is all about.


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