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29 July 2005


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Following the first-hand account from Zimbabwe last week, it has emerged that the reference by the Zimbabwean contributor to Amnesty's Genocide Report was a fabrication and that Amnesty have not stated that the situation is 'Category 7', as claimed in the account
  • Amnesty International told The Friend that they make no categorisations like this
  • Amnesty has campaigned tirelessly to end human rights violations in Zimbabwe, including the government's 'Operation Restore Order', which Kofi Annan last week called a 'catastrophic injustice'

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    Stephen Petter, 27 July
    I hope Rachel Rees as the new Comms person will get on top of our membership database snafu. Beth and her predecessor obviously had disasterous advice.

    Though I was called a consultant, in my IT career I was really 'only' a programmer and (small- /sub-) system designer. Yet we Contractors, who preferred the technicalities rather than major systems analysis and design, by working at many locations over many years, picked up a lot of experience, which was never heeded. Clients prefer expensive young Consultants - who are very brainy, bursting with the latest computer science, and keen to design leading edge systems. They hate to say no when asked if such and such is possible. Hence their projects often over-run on budget and on time, and often dont even work.

    If I were on Rachel's advisor panel (if any) I'd do what IBM always says but seldon does: "KISS". (Keep It Simple, Stupid!)

    Meanwhile, as a mere local meeting clerk, and assistant clerk to my MM, I get almost no help from our corporate database that has been in the making for years.

    Stephen Petter


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