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27 June 2003

The hush that speaks better than words - preview
'I must have hush!' The line was spoken during the 1940s 'shows' put on at the community centre on the Abergarw housing estate, some four miles from Bridgend
  • The speaker, Bert Johns, was a self-respecting, diligent man who was also a local councillor
  • So his insistence on 'hush' might have had other official use, the treasurer's call for attention as the financial report was about to be presented
  • Mr Johns, long gone to his reward now, was dressed as a rugby player of uncertain vintage, complete with tasselled cap
  • Wales' national game has more rush than hush, yet some players would argue that their best game strategy owes much to reflection
  • As someone has remarked, if you could bottle silence, distribute 'hush' in easy to open boxes, you could make a fortune
  • Perhaps

  • David Lazell attender at Loughborough Meeting

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